Open Museum Open City – Hou Hanru (ed.)

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Immaterial, immersive, uncontrollable, omnipresent, invisible, sound is the most radical and experimental aspect of contemporary art, the ideal instrument for conquering the spaces of expressive freedom.

From October 24 to November 30, MAXXI will empty out its museum so that it can be filled with sound. Filling its spaces will be the site-specific installations of Justin Bennett, Cevdet Erek, Lara Favaretto, Francesco Fonassi, Bill Fontana, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Ryoji Ikeda, Haroon Mirza, Philippe Rahm and RAM radioartemobile, which will transform the museum time after time into an urban, intimate, spiritual, political environment, thereby also redefining its meaning as a public institution.

In the project Open Museum, Open City sounds reinvent the physical and psychological spaces of the museum with a view to examining the universal themes that accompany the spectator-listener along the display path: A: l’origine (del cosmo);Natura, libert? o limite?La citt?, l? fuori, qui dentroSurfing the digital waveMusica: costruire lo spazioIl guerriero solitarioRivelazioneL’insurrezione che verr? and Come together.

Through both live and recorded sounds, generated by analogical or digital technology, of urban, natural, human, mechanical, and textual origins, the installations both communicate emotions and imaginaries and contribute to reshaping MAXXI’s architecture, creating connections between the inside and the outside, between the institution and the city, between the artistic world and the other communities.

An integral and essential part of the project are the events that take place for the duration of the exhibition: performances, videos and photography, theater, dance, music, cinema, storytelling, conferences and debates, linked to the varoius themes, which witness the participation of artists, architects, intellectuals and, of course, the public.

Thus is born a platform for the experimentation of new ideas, a workshop for a democratic and innovative life, in which viewers are no longer merely passive observers, but active participants, as well.

Open Museum, Open City is therefore a project aimed at the future. Yet the future is an unknown world. The only thing we can expect to happen in this adventure filled with uncertainty is that our lives can change because of it.

Kategorie: Katalogy
Jazyk: anglicky, italsky
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