Homecoming - Andrii Konontsev

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Andrii used to go home every year in the same way, but the last journey was different. When he was leaving Sevastopol in January 2014, he couldn´t even imagine, that it was the last time he was leaving Crimea belonging to Ukraine. On his return in July 2014, his home was already in Russia. Everything changed – people, attitude, atmosphere.

The book is Andrii´s reflection on dramatic incidents in Ukraine and his native Crimea peninsula. He works with a conceptual approach with various features such as diptychs, objects, quotations or notes, and symbolically takes a journey between Ukraine and Crimea. Therefore he offers a unique view of a local of “Crimean blood” who has, simultaneously, a certain distance and life experience in a “Western” kind of European country. Although Konontsev is ethnically Russian, respectively Ukrainian Russian, he doesn´t second either side of the conflict and avoids simple answers and judgements.

Kód Kód: 35990
Kategorie: Fotografie
Nakladatel: BFLMPSVZ
Rok vydání: 2021
Autor: Andrii Konontsev
ISBN: 978-80-906385-4-9
Jazyk: rusky
Počet stran: 70
Typ vazby: vázaná
Formát: 148x200 mm
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