Slovar – Viktor Vejvoda, Maxim Ployakov, Kolxoz

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Словарь is dictionary. This collection of words forms Kolxoz lexicon. Slovar includes terms and phenomenons that are encountered, which are formulated and developed by Kolxoz. This is the definition of important points in the existence of collective. It gives an idea about situations that Kolxoz creates or situations in which Kolxoz finds itselves. These words describe aspects relevant to the regions in which members of the collective meet, work and live.

Like any vocabulary, Slovar is a form of communication between «you» and «others». It is an opportunity to make platform for explanation, grounding and interaction. Slovar is a manifestation of an alternative to repressive logic of ready–made systems. Such systems which reduce us to the comfortable automatism of language consumers. Resistance through DIY–lexicon open space between the autonomous perception of the surrounding reality and the utopian way of thinking.

You can start reading Slovar on any page. If you find a underlined word, you can see an explanatory section for such word in the Slovar. For easier orientation between terms, you can look in index section at end of this lexicon. Slovar is accompanied by Kolxoz photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

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Kategorie: Autorské knihy
Rok vydání: 2021
Jazyk: anglicky
Počet stran: 48
Typ vazby: sešitová

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