PICASTRO – Earthseed / Tacitus 7"

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When we initially discussed the idea of 7” ep with Liz Hysen from Picastro, she mentioned that the path she would like to take on this ep would very likely be in the style of Suicide. Minimal synths and programmed drum beats. That is little far from the idiosyncratic organic sound that Picastro is known for. But if you have heard last offerings from Picastro, 5 song ep “I've Never Met A Stranger”, which closes with a track called “Chaos Hand”, you probably already know that this detour towards electronic music will be very exciting and this new ep Earthseed / Tacitus is warmth affirmation that we have lot to look forward.

Artwork: Lucie Lučanská

Kategorie: CD & LP & MC
? Ilustrace: Lucie Lučanská
Nakladatel: Stoned To Death
Rok vydání: 2023

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