Ginger Wizard & The Peter Jacksons – Can I Choose My Own Psychopompos/ Hlessi 7" + RPG

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Ginger Wizard began his journey in a kitchen filled with rolling tobacco smoke, buzz of a semi working tape player and smell of home fermented kimchi. Next to that kitchen is a library filled with action figures, board games, fantasy books and most importantly large collection of Tolkien literature, all of which is huge inspirational source for Radomír Szajter fictional world, which he brought to life last year on his debut album “Feast For the Dead King”. Szajter also accompanied the album with a short story he has written to extend his musical universum. His self recorded effort introduced Szajter's large appetite for 60's and 70's psychedelic music, especially the one of Swedish origin.

While on the debut album, Szajter played or programmed most of the instruments (except hurdy gurdy), Ginger Wizard's newest effort was recorded with Prague based ensemble known as The Peter Jacksons, in which you can find members of Raw Deal / Altbau or Tomáš Palucha / Orient. With the full band, Ginger Wizard's now dances on the joyous edge of semi improvised psychedelic rock we admire on acts such as Pärson Sounds or Hansson & Karlsson.

Ginger Wizard's newest ep (partially inspired by Richard Adams Watership Down) is now out on 7” in edition of 250 copies and accompanied by 4 pages RPG game created by Szajter himself. Co released with Tharn Records, Szajter's own imprint.

All artwork and graphic design created by long life Stoned to Death aficionado Kateřina Miturová.

Kategorie: CD & LP & MC
? Ilustrace: Kateřina Miturová
Nakladatel: Stoned To Death
Rok vydání: 2023

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