Fotograf nr. 32 / non-work

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 Work and leisure time are constantly changing. One of the causes of their radical transformation may be the change in the ratio of activities – the change caused by precarization (freelance work, parental leave) and automation at the times when stormy debates on the introduction of zero wages take place. The Fotograf magazine, published in parallel with the Fotograf Festival of the same thematic focus, will present photographers and artists who use reproductive media to deal with the issue of free time and paid work. The theme is called “non-work”, and the hyphen between “non” and “work” becomes the key criterion for the selection of artists and the synonym of further reflections. The hyphen also refers to the still poorly reflected space between “free time” and paid employment, including many other issues, for example undervalued work by women and minorities, replacement of labour by artificial intelligence, freelancing, or issues related to the world of art such as appropriation, machine-created images or zero wages of artists. The Fotograf magazine issue will also focus on work and working conditions of artists, while the selected photographs will serve as a material that will enable us to explore the institutionalization of free time in the past, the creation of the image of free time and work, and the way the concept of free time is changing now.

Kód Kód: 5402
Kategorie: Knihy
Nakladatel: Fotograf 07
Rok vydání: 2017
Jazyk: anglicky

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