Son of Buzzi – In schwarze Stücke zerbrochen 7"

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Zürich owns son Sebastian Bischoff (existing under Son of Buzzi moniker) is one of the most devoted european players and aficionados inspired by ever changing and ever inspiring stream of beloved american guitar primitivism. His instagram posts and reels of his lonely sun roof jams often brings calmness to the realm of social media. Fans of the genre could hardly miss his (now freshly repressed Cardinal Fuzz label) 2022 album Die Hand Der Riesin. Bischoff's approach to music is very multidisciplinary, although his main instrument is of course guitar, very often he gets trapped in the zone with no-input mixer, circle of pedals, weird little synths and clouds of field recordings.

His new 7” single presents both sides of his work and i can't honestly get enough of it. Side A of In schwarze Stücke zerbrochen (Broken into Black Pieces) offers super minimal electronic meditation which at times sounds like Laurie Anderson's O Superman stripped down to one bare sound. The flip side brings wonderful eerie meditation. Very authentic. Very dense atmosphere. It's hard not to get excited for Bischoff's future work.

Artwork: Štepán Adámek

Kategorie: CD & LP & MC
? Ilustrace: Štepán Adámek
Nakladatel: Stoned To Death
Rok vydání: 2023

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