Katalog of hope and unhope – Viktor Vejvoda

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The 'Catalog of Hope and Unhope' is a samizdat (DIY publication) that combines
descriptions of cultural work based on the recycling of institutional and human practices from
the former Socialist Bloc, adapted to the needs and possibilities of a small collective, and
examples of examples of using these methods in various contexts. Сontent of this
publication is diffusion between linguistic and semantic constructs with a view to exploration
the autonomy of self-expression, self-reflection and production. Katalog of Hope and Unhope
was created in Belgrade in winter 2023 and present in the form of Paper Ice Cream
hallucinations. Subsequent reissues were done in Iowa, where starting with a sterile white
"vîtrezvitel" — sobering-up station, it slipped into a traditional relapse caused by the
presence of a risograph and various types of leftover paper, Legal and Letter format
pulsating with floating artifacts from some other, unknown polygraphic cycles.
135 x 202 mm, 16 stran, Laser print, saddle stich

Kategorie: Autorské knihy
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