Adam Holý – Outer Core

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Adam Holý – Outer Core (19. 10. – 23. 11. 2013) Pollansky gallery. Text and curatorial collaboration Pavel Sterec.

The title of Adam Holýs exhibition refers to the liquid layer (composed of nickel and iron, as well as cobalt, sulphur, silicon and oxygen) above the solid iron core of our planet. Why the outer layer, and not the core itself? Our attention and passions are directed outwards, to the "outer core'", the space of transformation and movement, since the inner core concealed within us is hard, and dealing with it can prove painful... "What is soft, aims towards life, what is hard towards death..." wrote Arseny Tarkovsky, and in not wanting to extol the hard core, but rather its outer liquid components, Adam Holý too aims towards life.

Kategorie: Vizuální umění
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