Abandoned Letterhead

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By Danielle Aubert

Unused letterhead — paper that never met its full potential — is a kind of melancholic “pre-document”. In fact, because it bears out-of-date information it is rendered nearly useless. Its best hope is to be used as scrap paper or to be recycled. At the Center for Abandoned Letterhead we have collected paper from Detroit area businesses and organizations that have moved, changed their identities, or closed. 

I.T.U., in collaboration with Maia Asshaq, will open the Center for Abandoned Letterhead for two days in a corner of Franklin Furniture store. This project takes place as part of the Detroit Design Festival.

9/24-25/2011, 12 - 6 pm
I.T.U. Detroit with Maia Asshaq
2128 Franklin Street, Detroit

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