Meeting Dürer

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Meeting Dürer (a travelogue) is an artist’s book comprising loose photographs and texts documenting the story of a particular journey.


– the artist

“My initial idea was to include Dürer’s original engraving Melencolia I (1514) in my exhibition The Melancholy Mad Tenant at Jiri Svestka Gallery in Prague in 2022.
A lofty aspiration, whose execution soon turned out to be a mission impossible. However, thanks to the kind invitation of the Moravian Gallery, my gallerist Jiří Švestka and I found ourselves traveling to Brno – to at least have a look at the legendary artwork that is kept safe in the gallery’s depository.
Just like a sprout pushing its way through the soil and hitting a rock on its way up, this project too took a different route to overcome the initial obstacle. Eventually, the process – the journey – became the work itself, which Dürer’s Melancholia happened to be just a part of.”

Kategorie: Autorské knihy
Nakladatel: Jiri Svestka Gallery
Rok vydání: 2022
Typ vazby: speciální

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