Tomáš Džadoň – Pamatník ľudovej architektúry

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The Folk Architecture Monument by artist Tomáš Džadoň (1981) consists of three classic log cottages placed on the roof of a classic prefabricated 13-floor housing block in one of the largest housing estates, Dargovských hrdinov (locally dubbed the Furča), in Košice, Eastern Slovakia. The housing estate is situated on a hill, in the north-east part of the city. Its development started in 1976 and, today, its inhabitants number 30 000 people (12% of the city population), living mostly in the blocks of flats. The original three classic log cottages date from 1902 (Párnica) and 1965 (Liptovská Teplička). Their sizes are 8 × 7,5 × 8 m (Liptovská Teplička), 10 × 6,7 × 7,5 m (Párnica) and 6,5 × 5,1 × 6,5 m (Párnica). The loghouses are set on steel grids (HEA 160) and anchored to a vertical carrying wall of the housing block P1.14. Their combined weight is approximately 42 tons. The built up area is 178 m2. Installation took place from August – September 2013, and the openingceremony was on 28th September 2013.

Bus: 15, stop Poliklinika Východ
Tram: 71 and 72, stop Poliklinika Východ
By car: 15 minutes from the city centre,
free parking

Kód Kód: 1486
Kategorie: Pohlednice, přání
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