Nepostavená Architektura osmdesátých let

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Every era has its unbuilt projects, unfortunately and often fortunately unrealized considerations. Their failure to materialize is usually due to societal changes, economic conditions, the loss of a client or the visionary nature of the proposal itself. Even the 1980s, of course, have their "in the drawer" proposals. And there are not a few of them. As a rule, there was a lack of political will, time, finance or capacity in the construction industry. This book, however, is primarily concerned with experimental and alternative projects, which often arose out of resistance to the flattening of the humane concept of modernism under the relentless pressure of socialist economic plans and normalisation. The projects cover a wide range of positions, ranging from seriously intended long-term visions of the modern city (transport solutions for Prague, alternatives for Žižkov, modernisation of the housing stock) through bold experiments to test new ideas, often imported from abroad (housing complexes, urban parterres, modular or solar architecture) to the glib Cimrmanian "ankle-biting" of a weakening regime (Urbanity, Painted Architecture, artworks). What unites them all is the will to transcend the fortified boundaries of normative practice, to provoke debate and to move architecture towards a more human and environmentally responsible approach. Many of the reflections, with their freshness and originality, still deserve attention and inspire today.

Category: Architecture
Editor: Petr Vorlík
Publisher: ČVUT
Publication date: 2020
ISBN: 978‑80‑01‑06734‑5
Language: Czech
Pages: 191
Type: paperback

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