Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed Inquiries in Female Health Technologies

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In a world propelled by swift technological progress and perpetual obsolescence, women frequently find themselves adapting and altering their daily experiences in order to remain functional. In the 21st century, as technology purports to comprehensively assess and address women’s conditions and physical discomfort, Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed delves deeply into the realm of female health technologies, revealing a space where science, holistic methods, and mythology converge. This book challenges the idea of combining ancient wisdom with modern innovation and takes readers on a multidisciplinary journey to explore the intricacies of female’s health.

Kategorie: Teorie
Autor: Morgane Billuart
Nakladatel: Set Margins'
Rok vydání: 2023
ISBN: 978-90-833501-8-9
Jazyk: anglicky
Počet stran: 136
Typ vazby: brožovaná

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