Radical Futurisms / Ecologies of Collapse, Chronopolitics, and Justice-to-Come –⁠ T.J. Demos

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There is widespread consensus that we are living at the end—of democracy, of liberalism, of capitalism, of a healthy planet, of the Holocene, of civilization as we know it. In this book, drawing on radical futurisms and visions of justice-to-come emerging from the traditions of the oppressed—Indigenous, African-American, multispecies, anti-capitalist—as materialized in experimental visual cultural, new media, aesthetic practices, and social movements, T. J. Demos poses speculative questions about what comes after end-of-world narratives. He argues that it's as vital to defeat fatalistic nihilism as it is to defeat the false solutions of green capitalism and algorithmic governance.

How might we decolonize the future, and cultivate an emancipated chronopolitics in relation to an undetermined not-yet? If we are to avoid climate emergency's cooptation by technofixes, and the defuturing of multitudes by xenophobic eco-fascism, Demos argues, we must cultivate visions of just futurity and multispecies flourishing.

Kód Kód: 42925
Kategorie: Filosofie
Nakladatel: SternbergPress
Rok vydání: 2023
Autor: T.J. Demos
ISBN: 978-3-95679-527-5
Jazyk: anglicky
Počet stran: 224
Typ vazby: brožovaná

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